In recent years I have developed a fascination for botanic art and the many very talented exponents of this technique. I have learned lots from day classes and books and spent many “happy” hours absorbed in trying to capture the details of leaves and flowers. I’m a total addict, although I confess, I more often use what I have learned in my fossil reconstructions than painting flowers!

Bluebells from our garden (water colour)

Merry Christmas! (water colour)

Hoop petticoat daffodils (water colour)
Call me biased but I do love a daffodil! I bought this particular plant from the local garden centre and settled down to paint it on St Davids Day a couple of years ago. The flower on the right was a bud (here in the centre of picture) at the beginning of the day and open by the end (second flower from the left) … and wide open by the morning after (far right)!

Cheeky chappy from Singapore (water colour)
Ive been working in southeast Asia in the last few years and have enjoyed watching mynah bird antics, snatching crumbs. This fellow is based on sketches, backed up with information from photographs.

Squirrel! (Chinese ink)
This squirrel was keeping its eye on me from a tree in the botanic gardens in Singapore. Trips to southeast Asia have inspired be to play with Chinese ink and this was my first try.

Fox Cub (pen and ink)

Rabbit (pen and ink)

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